Starting to search for them…


London Fashion Week

Exciting day – last Friday. The final days of London Fashion Week, and my University gets to take a few Photography students to experience what is like to work as a press photographer. I won’t be wrong when I will say I’ve been waiting for this day since the beginning of the year. Actually it was probably longer. It was my first contact with this kind of event, and since new experiences delight me, I was buzzing about it the whole previous week.

Canon UK planned this well, and before the actual shows, John Phillips came to talk with the group, giving us an insight of what we should expect, and also revealing a couple of tips and tricks. And although I previously did some research myself, I am not sure I was fully prepared for the hectic pace of things happening on the runway. Dozens of minutes pass in a blink, and you need to keep shooting in order to be on top of things. I got to see the clothes only when I started edit the images 😅

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I definitely hope to do this again (fingers crossed) 😏

Out and about with a Leica

It had been a while since the last time I roamed the streets, with the sole purpose of discovering  unknown parts of the city, and along the way, keeping an eye out for the interesting small details that always made me love the urban life. I used to do that a lot last year, and I thought I will always find time for this little pleasure of mine. But apparently, it is too easy to get caught in other aspects of life: new projects, new skills to learn, and sometimes (to be completely honest) it is just all about bad time management. I definitely missed those kind of walks.

Last week I got the chance to attend a Leica Workshop, with photojournalist Paul Lowe. Many times, while researching documentary photography, I came across his work, and so I was looking forward for the presentation. Something about the storytelling in this kind of images always appeal to me, and it’s interesting to hear what goes behind them.

This was followed in the afternoon by us going out and experiment with the Leica cameras, which were a really pleasant surprise for me. Although I have never used it before, I found it quite intuitive, and an excellent alternative for my DSLR – it definitely feels good to leave the heavy stuff behind sometimes 😉 

One piece of advice that stands out from that day, is to always experiment: with your equipment, with the images you produce, and I guess that behind a really good photograph are other dozens that didn’t come out as expected. At times, this comes particularly difficult for me, as I always put a lot of pressure on myself, to just go out and take portfolio-worthy images, and that’s not the case. But I am proud to say that lately I’ve begun embracing my mistakes, and started to see them not as failures, but as my journey.

After all ‘Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst’ – Henry Cartier-Bresson

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